"The Champion and the Wrestler"


A Formula 1 driver, a Swiss Wrestler and a Toyota Auris Hybrid. How they all go together? They’re the lead in a commercial Toyota Switzerland asked us to produce.

In a „Hybrid Milage-Challenge“ people were given the chance to win an amazing trip to Japan. The task was rather simple, drive as energy efficient as possible. Easy thing, especially when you’re a professional Swiss Wrestler like Matthias Sempach, who won multiple championships in a row and is at the top of his career. But with a broken leg, he knew he needed a little help from a friend.

That’s why he asked Formula 1 driver and WEC World Champion Sebastien Buemi for assistance. Because who would be better suited to help him win the challenge than a Formula 1 driver, right?

Well, let’s just put it this way, the two weren’t always on the same page on how they were going to win the challenge. But see for yourself.

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