App-Drive Payday


sijox is possibly Germanys most progressive insurance company. They are determined to create the best insurance packages for young adults and they are 100% committed to keep their promise. Want an example? No problem.

They don’t just sell vehicle insurances, they created a smart, app-powered insurance called App-Drive where people can actually earn back money. How, you ask? It’s quite simple really. A sensor in your car tracks your driving behaviour like acceleration, braking behaviour and apex speed, syncs with your smartphone where an achievement quotient calculates your individual driving score. At the end of the year you can earn back as much as 40% of your premium.

When the first people were about to receive their payback, they asked us to orchestrate a wild and crazy handover and celebrate „Payday“. No problem at all. We’ve gathered a whole American football team, cheerleaders, dancers, an opera singer (because why not?!?) and German BMX superstar Kevin Nikulski to help us throw a big party and handover the money. And a party it was. It’s probably best if you see for yourself. Watch the clip above.

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