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Radio broadcast is fighting it’s biggest battle since, well forever. They are not only fighting shrinking audiences due to popular music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Derer and the likes, but also shrinking ad revenue. It’s time for a change of strategies and luckily some broadcasters do understand that the time is now.

With their niche station Radio Bob, an alternative Rock and Metal station available in only two of Germanys 16 States, they followed our strategy and shifted their attention to digital content delivery. Their radio broadcast can also be found on with an additional 20 curated web streams, from Classic Rock to Grundge or Punk, available for your liking.

We also focused on a strong community building approach, uniting and entertaining rock fans across social channels. With engaging content we were able to gain a whooping 150.000 Fans within the course of a few months. Organically! 

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