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We really do hope that you’re totally happy whether you’re single or in a relationship. And either way we know that not always everything runs according to plan and you might end up searching for helpful guidance and information. Parship, Europe’s number one dating site, has got you covered. With „Beziehungsweise“ they created an online magazine and resource center on all things love and share their knowledge around topics like being single, dating, relationships and more.

To better serve their fans and readers we created Leev, a Facebook Messenger Bot where people can interact with and subscribe to their personal topic of interest - e.g. „being single“ or „in a relationship“ - and always receive interesting stories, insights and information. If at any point you feel the urge to talk to „a real person“ instead you of course can always do so by simply asking Leev to connect you to their support.

Why don’t you give it try and subscribe: Leev

You can find more information at Beziehungsweise-Magazin

PS.: Leev is Low German for love! ♥️

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