Create your Own (How to be a YouTube Star) Webvideo Series

Antenne Bayern

Early 2016 Germanys largest commercial radio station Antenne Bayern was looking for a partner to help them build up their digital communication and expand their leading role from radio broadcasting to multimedia powerhouse. Fixed from the idea to accompany their transformation process, we’ve developed strategies, concepts and storytelling series for cross channel distribution.

Among other things we’ve created a YouTube series with German Fitness Queen Sophia Thiel and King of Pranks BradeTV called „Create your Own - How to be a YouTube Star“ to inform fans an viewers about what it actually means to become a YouTube fan favourite. From how to even become a YouTuber, technical gear and setup, location check and acting skills, to production and postproduction and, of course, the importance of a fixed and ongoing release and distribution strategy, every question is being answered in short 6 course series.

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Random Fun Fact: Marc Rene Lochmann is a cousin of YouTube phenomena and social media stars Heiko Lochmann und Roman Lochmann aka. DieLochis.

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