Handmade Bow Ties with a twist!

Alice & Logan

When Art Director, Designer and friend, Eleftherios Toptsidis, approached us to produce and tell the story of his newly founded start-up Alice & Logan, we didn’t think twice.

„Once, in old England there were two people. A woman and a man. Her name was ALICE and she was the one, LOGAN the other, and they got along. But something was missing, he and she thought and parted to see what was out and about. Both came back with one furry friend, it was their uniting force in the end.“

It was the same bond between him and his own furry friend, a Boston Terrier called Cosmo, that founded the idea to produce custom made matching bow ties for dogs and their owners. We instantly loved the idea and produced a clip that not only showcased the lovingly crafted bow ties but portrayed the friendship between Eleftherios and Cosmo.

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