AUDI x HSV (Emotional Viral Clip HSV)


For the start of the new Bundesliga season AUDI approached us to develop an emotional story that not only highlights the strong relationship between AUDI and German Bundesliga Club HSV, but at the same time expresses their excellent customer service - no matter if they are big or small.

When Swedish HSV Star Albin Ekdal recognises a sad and heartbroken boy, he immediately understands that he’s not in for an autograph but rather needs help with his broken AUDI Kids Car. Albin pulls out his phone and instantly books a repair with his AUDI Service mobile app. Everything packed in his AUDI RS5 they soon arrive at the AUDI Center were a service technician is already awaiting the duo. After running a thorough diagnosis and repair, the AUDI Kids Car is is easily fixed and ready to be put on the streets again. Much to the appreciation of our young boy who’s now determined to get his autograph. But not from whom you might think…

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