The Olympic Pancake Bot


The world loves pancakes. EDEKA - partner of the 2018 Winter Olympics - does too. Because the best thing about pancakes: they are a perfect source of energy for athletes.

Pancake love, healthy nutrition and Olympia - we found the perfect combination to present a worlds first in the German House in Pyeongchang. Our EDEKA Pancake Bots! During the Olympic Games, they heralded the next evolution of the art of baking. Several Pancake Bots provided the hungry visitors with various winter sports and Olympic motives. Super delicious and a feast for the eye (and source for numerous Instagram stories). We truly staged EDEKA in a special culinary way!

Not only the visitors on site, but also the net community admired the Pancake Bot in several Facebook and Instagram clips.

Can you guess what motive our Bot is baking here?

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