#nasichi Campaign


Can a condom manufacturer on Facebook or Instagram openly ask to ignite the bang or blow the pipe properly? In our opinion, definitely. Or as we say in some parts of Germany, #nasichi!

And the BILLY BOY #nasichi campaign proves us right. With humorous and cheeky content we meet the zeitgeist of a young target group and stimulate it 24/7. Get it? Stimulate! 😉 We have made it our mission to charge the topic of contraception without raising the index finger and communicate with fun, joy and a good dose of wink.😏

At the same time we are dedicated to support sexual education and ensure both safety and fun of our audiences sex life. #nasichi is the answer to all questions regarding sexual intercourse and contraception issues and overcomes the still prevailing inhibitions in condom use.

To do this, we're constantly firing up new ideas, create graphics and videos with an extra dose of humor, write up new stories, rock a bunch festivals, flirt neatly with our ever-growing community, and sustain interaction. And no, we're not talking about the kind of interaction you're thinking of right now. #Wingman

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and we love BILLY BOY

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